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CiviCRM "London" Virtual Meetup II (Membership) - 29th Apr 2021

By italaattieh · On April 8, 2021 · In

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The new CiviCase Blog Post 2: Using CiviCase for Case Management

By jerry · On July 14, 2020 · In

Welcome to post 2 of our in depth look at the new CiviCase extension! 

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Membership Extras 2.1 Release

By jerry · On June 24, 2020 · In

Hey y’all,

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CiviCRM "London" Virtual Meetup

By jerry · On June 24, 2020 · In

Howdy y’all,

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CiviCase:  The new way to manage cases using CiviCRM

By jerry · On June 9, 2020 · In

CiviCRM’s case management system has undergone more than just a facelift and with the new CiviCase we are unlocking the true potential CiviCRM has as a processes workflow tool. 

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Membership Extras… Leaping CiviCRM’s membership module in 2019

By jamie · On April 2, 2019 · In

Membership Extras / CiviCRM extension page - Our new CiviCRM extension that contains all the major new functionality listed below (excluding direct debit processing as this is UK specific).

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Going Shoreditch! CiviCRM's new UX design comes to life! (pt 1 of 2)

By jamie · On March 23, 2018 · In

A little while ago the team here at Compucorp wrote about Shoreditch, the first CiviCRM “theme’ extension. Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work on a series of updates and changes ready for the theme’s release in a few weeks time! With much of the work on this first stage now completed we’re pulling back the curtain to give a peek at what’s in store.

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CiviCRM Pivot Report

By jamie · On February 9, 2018 · In

Aloha, everyone! As you all know, CiviCRM is shipped with a lot of useful report templates for each CiviCRM entities. You can use these templates to create difference report instances to interrogate your data.

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CiviHR - looking back at 2017 and forward to 2018!

By jamie · On January 11, 2018 · In

Howdy folks,

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View sessions from CiviCon UK 2017 on YouTube now!

By jamie · On December 11, 2017 · In

Following the success of CiviCon UK 2017, a number of the sessions from the day have now been made available on the CiviCRM YouTube channel.

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