CiviBooking - the relaunch!

Hi All,

Following discussions with a number of clients Compucorp and GMCVO are pleased to announce we are looking to collaborate to develop a "CiviBooking" extention for CiviCRM.


The aim of the module will be to create a CMS independent extension to allow organisations to manage a group of resources (i.e. rooms) offering these to constituents for a fee.

The booking module should be flexible to record booking requirements including unlimited resources (i.e. tea, coffee, lunch) and limited resources (buckets) such as projectors, laptops or other equipment whilst calculating the fee as necessary.

We anticipate that the module will link to CiviContribute to record payments in a similar way such as CiviEvent or CiviMember.

Later versions of the module could include CMS integration (through contribution pages?)  although this is not proposed for the first version.

Where we are at!

Compucorp has recently been working with a client to develop a room booking module to support internal allocation of resources (see image). It's our intention to adapt this module for the purpose above.

The proposed specification for v1 the module  has been uploaded to the wiki and we would welcome your comments:

Next steps:

GMCVO have kindly proposed to fund approximately half of the development costs for the project however we are currently seeking organisations who may be able to offer further funding to support development.

If you are interested in this module and think you can help then do get in touch with either Oliver Gibson or myself.

As always we welcome any comments and questions on this and on all other issues.