My my... Santa you have been busy... CiviBooking just in time for Christmas!

Despite having enough on their plate with a few billion kids worth of presents to build, and with Rudolfs unfortunate flu (well why else would he have a red nose?), Santa's little elves over in the UK have been working hard to also bring you a brand new CiviCRM extension/module - CiviBooking! Having now been extensively tested for sleigh management purposes we're really pleased to announce the first stable release available now from the extensions directory.

Yup, that's right folks, worried about what to get the wife for Christmas? We'll you don't need to be anymore, fire her up a copy of Civi and head over to the extensions directory and follow the 2 click install for v1.0 (Stable) CiviBooking and you're sorted... (Assuming she runs a non-profit organisation with rooms and resources that need to be rented out for a fee - otherwise probably best to go with flowers or purfume).

More deets below.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Team Compucorp


What is CiviBooking?

Are you a non profit with Rooms or Resources that you think you could raise money by renting out? Or are you a community center or voluntary service looking to manage your resources better? Sick of spreadsheets, emails and that Google calendar that no one keeps up to date? Then CiviBooking is the extension for you!

v1.0 (stable) is now available and can be downloaded from your in Civi extensions menu through a few quick clicks. Grab it whilst it's hot!

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last few months and are asking... what does CiviBooking do... a nutshell:

  • You can create a list of resources which are available to be booked (we call these limited resources as once their booked, they're gone!)
  • These are shown in a fancy calendar type screen so you can see what’s available super easily.
  • Contacts in the database can book one of more of these by using the booking wizard.
  • Contacts can add unlimited resources to the bookings (tea's, coffee's, solar energy...)
  • Contacts can add additional charges, discounts and calculate a price based on what’s booked.
  • You can make provisional bookings and come back and edit them later.
  • You can cancel bookings, applying a cancellation charge if necessary.

Oh and of course everything integrates super nicely with search, contact tabs, CiviContribute for payments and some other tricks and tweaks along the way.


CiviBooking requires CiviCRM 4.4+.

It's platform independant so Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal.

Bugs or issues?

Please post on the Compucorp CiviBooking Github page:


User guide:

Coming soon!