View sessions from CiviCon UK 2017 on YouTube now!

Following the success of CiviCon UK 2017, a number of the sessions from the day have now been made available on the CiviCRM YouTube channel.

With almost 150 attendees, this year’s conference to took place in London, on 6th October and featured a great range of knowledgeable speakers who travelled from all over and came together to share their expertise with the CiviCRM and open source community. 

For those who were not able to attend, the YouTube channel is a great way to still see some of the brilliant topics discussed at CiviCon UK 2017, including case studies from CiviCoop’s Erik Hommel on the CiviCRM experience at Amnesty International Vlaanderen and Sergiy Korniyenko from Agiliway’s talk on how to extend and build integrated CiviCrm based solutions.

You can hear about the achievements made in CiviHR as well as future plans for improvement, alongside a great introduction to CiviAccounts with Jamie Novick, from Compucorp. 

Get useful tips from Erik Hommel on how to make life easier anautomate workflows using CiviCRM

Learn about effective marketing using, SMS and Mailing with CivCRM with informative presentations from Michael McAndrew of Third Sector Design and Compucorp’s Guanhuan Chen.

In the true spirit of CiviCon, the channel also includes some collaborative sessions with Rose Lanigan from Ruza Solutions and William Mortada from Technology for Social Purpose, who joined forces to deliver a presentation covering Reporting and Extensions with CiviCRM, as well as three mini sessions which focused on CiviCRM and Direct Debits given by Rich Lott from Artful Robot, Matt Wire from MJW Consulting and Systopia’s Björn Endres.

Thank you to all of the speakers for their hard work and a massive thanks to everyone who was involved in making it a fantastic CiviCon. 

See you all next year!