CiviBooking 1.5 is released!

CiviBooking as a open source booking management extension has had a lot love and attention since its debut in 2014. Because of the great interest from CiviCRM community, we have been actively maintaining the extension alongside the development of CiviCRM itself.

Despite the latest version of the extension was released in July this year, we feel right to make a buzz of it again to pin it up for more people who have been wanting or potentially needing an open source solution to manage the resources and a timetable for their organisation.

For those who have been enjoying what CiviBooking brought since CiviCRM 4.4 era and are getting ready to move onto 4.6+, don't worry, things still work the same way they used to with only a little extra improvement.

For the benefit of newcomers, let's start with a reintroduction.


Are you a non profit with Rooms or Resources that you think you could raise money by renting out? Or are you a community center or voluntary service looking to manage your resources better? Sick of spreadsheets, emails and that Google calendar that no one keeps up to date? Then CiviBooking is the extension for you!

What does CiviBooking do in a nutshell:

1. You can create a list of resources which are available to be booked (we call these limited resources as once they're booked, they're gone!)
2. These are shown in a fancy calendar type screen so you can see what’s available super easily.
3. Contacts in the database can book one of more of these by using the booking wizard.
4. Contacts can add unlimited resources to the bookings (tea's, coffee's, solar energy...)
5. Contacts can add additional charges, discounts and calculate a price based on what’s booked.
6. You can make provisional bookings and come back and edit them later.
7. You can cancel bookings, applying a cancellation charge if necessary.

Oh and of course everything integrates super nicely with search, contact tabs, CiviContribute for payments and some other tricks and tweaks along the way.

Welcome to the new CiviBooking 1.5

Now about the things you all bought the tickets for - what's new?

A large amount of issues are fixed in this version.

This version brings compatibility with:

- CiviCRM 4.6.x
- CiviCRM 4.7.x

It comes with more friendly interfaces and enhanced performance.

Major Changes:

- New CiviBooking permissions
- Improved consistency of permission structure for managing bookings
- Improved CiviCRM version compatibility
- Improved menu handling
- Fixed day view criteria
- Fixed additional charge modal problem

And many more...

Among all the improvements mentioned/nit mentioned above, I want to flag up two things.

Booking Calendar View

Along with this new version, we have also created a Drupal module - Booking Calendar. This module utilises the latest CiviCRM Entity module and Drupal Views to create a public calendar view for booking related information. The calendar module opens a different dimension that allows you to share the availability of your resources with your customers. This helps to minimise invaluable enquiries and to reduce the workload of staff for our admin based booking system.

The calendars can be either based on bookings or the resources you enabled for CiviBooking. Moreover, as it is based on Drupal Views, you can create as many calendars as you want and pre-configure them with different criteria for different purposes. All calendars provide day, week and month views. You can download the extension and check the dependencies here:

New Booking Permission Structure

We have divided the permissions in the new version to allow you further customise your team access to the bookings. In the new version, we have the following three permissions:

1. View all bookings - allows viewing and searching bookings only. This is a permission that can be granted to most of your staff or selected range of staff if necessary so the availability of the resources in your organisation can be shared.
2. Create and update bookings - allows bookings to be made or modified. This is a permission that should be granted to the staff who would be managing the availability of the resources.
3. Administer CiviBooking - allows the deletion of bookings (not suggested) and the modification of the booking settings in Administration menu. This is the most powerful permission which should be granted to an admin role who understands well how CiviBooking works, the resources in your organisation and also how your booking process is designed.

To open the availability of the selected resources/bookings to the public, the Booking Calendar View should be used.

Download and Support
You can now download this version here

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any question or encountered any issue. We will be actively maintaining the issue queue.

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