United Nations PRI

The Principle for Responsible Investment (PRI) is a United Nations supported organisation and the world’s leading proponent of responsible investment. The PRI members are major financial institutions spanning across 6 continents encouraging and validating sustainable financial practices. Collaboration, as a core value of the PRI, is supported by the 3000-strong organisation membership and over 30,000 individual members, who understand that securing the world's financial future is not a solo effort.


How can member financial institutions, asset managers, and investors collaborate across the globe in a secure and sustainable way? The team at Compucorp found the solution.

“Our members needed a collaborative platform that could enable the sharing of valuable information and encourage collaboration among members, whilst at the same time being flexible enough to support our unique business needs. It was a difficult technical challenge as the project also needed us to migrate data from our old system and integrate this into our suite of enterprise applications without adding too much administrative burden to our staff. Compucorp approached this project with years of practical experience, a data-driven mindset and user-centric design philosophy. The team exceeded our expectations in delivering a truly integrated, intuitive platform that thousands of our members rely on and that we continue to evolve together since.”

Tatenda Kupara, Head of IT

Agile together

Working closely with PRI, Compucorp took pre-implementation steps with consideration for the size of the organisation and their existing operations. Our team conducted a series of discovery workshops with stakeholders, both internal and external, to outline the essential business processes that underpin the day-to-day collaborative activities of its members. The workshops revealed critical gaps in PRI's existing CRM and CMS infrastructure that need to be fixed before we could implement our transformative solution. Our team of engineers worked closely with PRI to build functional integration between their Odoo and Salesforce system to get the platforms to a state of stability.

Following this, we embarked on the process of identifying the platform’s core user roles, allocating the appropriate user permissions and documenting the common workflows that are likely to occur within the platform. During this stage of discovery, we were able to map-out ideal outcomes and KPIs with PRI and provide prioritised key user requirements.

Employing Agile methodology to the project was critical to providing high quality service on a consistent basis. We segmented principal features into sprints to focus on delivering regularly and ensure that the subsequent feedback collected from PRI could be implemented for on-going development. By working in the spirit of constant collaboration with PRI, the progression of the project flowed seamlessly and was enriched by the exchange of knowledge, allowing the project to reach its full potential.

Forward Thinking

The vision for the project saw the integration of different conceptual components; an accessible website to manage dynamic content, a secure user management system that would provide control of user access and privileges and integration with Salesforce CRM system, all working together seamlessly to deliver a dynamic collaboration platform.

As a strategic partner, we performed comparative analysis to assess the capabilities offered from a range of solutions on the market space including many highly regarded proprietary software platforms and alternative open source solutions. What did we find? Many of the popular collaboration software solutions currently on the market have significant feature gaps that are core requirements for membership organisations.


Compucorp delivered a dynamic collaboration platform that supports mass information exchange, event management, members discussion and moderation for over 40,000 of PRI’s members. The platform gives members the freedom to access global initiatives, engage with relevant activities daily and collaborate with key actors within the investment field to drive real impactful social change.

- 30,000 users on the collaboration platform

- Portal hosts over 750 online collaboration spaces

- Around 9,000 organisations registered 

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