The PSHE Association

The PSHE Association is a members organisation dedicated to the support of PSHE practitioners and teachers across the country, with the aim to raise the quality of PSHE teaching and its status in the teaching curriculum.

The Project

We worked with the team at the PSHE association to develop a CRM with website integration to manage their extensive membership structure and helped organise a wealth of information resources. Access to PSHE related members only content is automatically administered from within the CRM platform or automatically when members signup online.

Complex membership management

The PSHE association has complex membership management requirements. Members can sign up online or request invoices to be paid later, or purchase membership with event tickets. All of this information is automatically added to accounting exports for seamless finance integration.

A diverse list of resources easily accessed

The PSHE associations extensive bank of resources is listed chronologically and includes a flexible search function to drill down to your required resource by a carefully developed set of tags. Resources are marked as Member Only or public and included prompts to log in or become a member for access.

Members only events

One of the biggest challenges was development of a unique extension for CiviCRM to allow visitors to the site to purchase membership and an event ticket for members only events. The Compucorp team mapped a workflow to minimise user steps and integrated this to the CRM ticket purchase screen and back office functions.

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