The Association of Teachers and Lecturers

The ATL is the 3rd biggest teaching trade union in the UK and with approximately 150,000 active members and 200 staff across 180 branches, implementing CiviCRM as a communication management system posed some unique challenges for the Compucorp team.

Dealing with data

The CRM needed to sit alongside the existing enterprise platforms in place at ATL. The first challenge was syncing data between the new CRM and the existing members database. The Compucorp team painstakingly mapped the data structures to the new CRM so that over 500k records are updated in near realtime.

Enterprise integration

The ATL had an existing enterprise architecture and dovetailing CiviCRM in was the next step. This meant Active Directory integration, single sign-on with the ATL’s Content Management System and integration with the ATL case management system.

Usability and enhancements

In order to cater for all levels of staff, we used an agile development process to work with the ATL team to create a dedicated workflow for staff, including a simplified user interface, custom search tools and a bespoke email module which formats emails automatically for staff members.

Other enhancements included developing a dedicated survey module, where data is automatically connected to the members records and enhanced profile pages for contact records.

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