After a few thousand man hours later, a few million slack messages and an awful lot of coffee, the team at Compucorp are delighted to bring to you the first stable version of the new Shoreditch-influenced CiviCase extension. The new extension delivers a whole new case management experience for CiviCRM. 

CiviCRM’s case management system has undergone more than just a facelift and with the new CiviCase we are unlocking the true potential CiviCRM has as a processes workflow tool. 

Aloha, everyone! As you all know, CiviCRM is shipped with a lot of useful report templates for each CiviCRM entities. You can use these templates to create difference report instances to interrogate your data.

Following the success of CiviCon UK 2017, a number of the sessions from the day have now been made available on the CiviCRM YouTube channel.

The Gift Aid extension has been updated for 4.6 and 4.7. Come see the changes and find out how to get it!

We’re pleased to announce that the Mosaico extension v2 is finally available to download!*

Mosaico enhances the existing CiviCRM Mailing module to simplify the email creation process by allowing you to use a simple drag and drop mailing editor to create your emails. The Mosaico extension will then produce a responsive (suitable for mobile) and perfectly formatted email for you!

How do I use the new Mosaico?

1.  Mailing

This is to configure Amazon SES as the email sending agent for CiviCRM sites in order to maintain a high sending rota, a good delivery rate and improve domain score.This guide only relays mail delivery with Amazon SES, there are other improvements you can do to improve sending rate in general regardless what sending agent is used. Highly recommend to perform Lifting EC2 Sending Limitation before/ after configuring SES.

Mosaico Phase II - CiviMail workflow integration

There has been a lot of enthusiasm about the initial release of the “Mosaico” mailing builder. For those who may have missed the news (see previous blog post here!), the Mosaico extension provides “Mailchimp like” drag and drop functionality for composing emails in CiviMail. See a quick gif below:

HR is difficult.  Especially if you’re a non-profit, seeking a system that is both affordable and comprehensive.

Many of you will have heard we are working on a project called CiviHR. This a project to make a great open source HR system for non-profits.

With seed funding from the Zing foundation, CiviHR is a fully featured HR system, based on a core of CiviCRM and Drupal, that will be freely available for non-profit organisations.

Despite having enough on their plate with a few billion kids worth of presents to build, and with Rudolfs unfortunate flu (well why else would he have a red nose?), Santa's little elves over in the UK have been working hard to also bring you a brand new CiviCRM extension/module - CiviBooking! Having now been extensively tested for sleigh management purposes we're really pleased to announce the first stable release available now from the extensions directory.

Hey all!

We're really pleased to release a little extension which adds a contact calendar to the contact record.

The calendar shows activities where contact is assignee or a target contact in a Day / week / month view and is useful for helping to schedule future activites for your contacts.

It's currently in Alpha - so please let us know if you have any issues or comments!

For more details of the extension see: